These are the kind of photographs that drive me to do what I do. When I’m able to connect to my clients, and they can let their love shine in front of my lens, magic happens.

Angie Varona Miami Instagram Model Shoot

Angie Varona Sexy Photo Shoot

Model shoot with Angie Varona a popular celebrity on Instagram model in Miami. She has over 1.5 million followers with the sexiest body we could work with for art. This girl has the body and boobs for any bikini. The IG model is not shy to flaunt it if you got it. And her butt is just as spicy as any Latin food in Miami. Anie Varona photography was fun and professional for her new upcoming events. Getting popular got some news to stear up scandals like her nudes being leaked on CelebMasta, among other nipples slips and wardrobemalfunctions. How ever working with Angie was a blast and hope we get photo shoot her wedding when the times comes.

Angie Varona being and becoming an icon for teens around the world for the wrong reasons. Her racy and private selfie pictures were hacked and circulated around the web. Still made her fame to the top and with millions of follwers for the model.

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Miami Wedding Photographer

Celeb photo season is right around the corner! There’s something in the Fall air that makes couples come closer, and men pop the question. Maybe it’s the spirit of a season of giving, or the aura of celebration with family and friends as the holidays get closer. A token of love and commitment appeals to my hopelessly romantic side.

In my years photographing weddings I have seen countless of beautiful rings of all styles, and I wanted to share my favorites with you. I like them all, each one has its own beautiful personality and suited the bride perfectly, and that’s what makes them special and unique. Here are my favorite rings:

I love the clean, simple lines of this radiant cut solitaire ring:

radiant cut diamond engagement ring

Then there’s this delicate asscher cut surrounded by a halo of pink diamonds:

This gorgeous vintage marquise ring in a halo belonged to the groom’s grandmother:

antique marquise ring

I have a soft spot for old cut stones, they usually have a large culet, which is a blunt cut in what’s the bottom point of a diamond. This cut exhibits the most beautiful flowery patterns, reflecting the circular culet pattern in all the facets of the diamond:

old cut vintage diamond engagement ring

And I adore this delicate wedding band. It’s so very intricate and light, looking like a dainty crown of lace:

delicate vintage engagement ring

Which one is  your favorite?

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Luxury Photo Model Shoots With Celebrities

miami wedding dog photo

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several models and proud celebrity Hollywood stars. Who could not go through such an important day without having their busy celeb status mascots present. Yet, when planning your model magazine shoot day, knowing how to incorporate them smoothly into the famous gossip scene can be tricky. Photographing these special celebrity members always brings a smile to my face, especially when they are elegantly decked in formal attire, such as Jennifer Lawrence for the GQ magazine. To match the wardrobe without any failure expected as a celeb. A quick search on the internet for famous actresses photos with sexy pictures delivers a myriad of ways these beloved movie star celebrities of the fanbase can be decked out for such a special occasion.

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Miami Yacht Engagement Session Photographer

This photo holds special significance to me. When I first met Carolina and Zach, they were searching for a luxury boat or yacht photographer. That would create something special that they would treasure for many years to come. Carolina is a multi-cultural woman, and her heritage is reflected in her personality. She has a sparking demeanor that envelops everyone around her with the most positive aura. Zach is the quiet type, not a man of many words. They wanted the event to be memorable and celebrated with a trusted boat rental company with luxurious amenities.

This photo is perfectly who they are. Carolina, leading the way, living life to its fullest in her vibrant red dress, while Zach holds on for the adventure. Their happiness as they tale the next steps together into their new lives, is just shining on their expressions.

This is a photo that captures them perfectly, as they are.

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