Odalys Mendez is a wedding photographer based in Miami – Ft. Lauderdale – Palm Beach, and available for destination weddings in the United States and worldwide.

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Odalys specializes in Miami destination wedding photography. She has been published regularly by leading magazines and wedding blogs in the industry. Odalys employs the use of natural light to create artistic images filled with light and soul. She possesses expert knowledge of various fields of photography. Her touching photographs capture her client’s essence, as she has the talent to get to the very core of her subject’s spirit at that moment in time . Her warm smile and approachable personality puts everyone at ease. She is able to connect with people at a deep level, creating photos that are meaningful, timeless, and real.

Wedding photography is an extremely challenging field. This is due to the unforeseen circumstances that can arise on a wedding day. Time constraints, and stressful family dynamics can be present. Miami destination wedding photography can be double the challenge due to the unfamiliarity of everyone with a new location. The weather can be unpredictable in some seasons, guests can be unfamiliar with directions in the city, as well as not being abreast of local resources, etc. All this can surmount to additional stress on you and your family. Having a professional photographer who is originally from Miami is very helpful. A professional with extensive experience in miami destination wedding photography is crucial. We can assist you in carrying out a flawless day.  An experienced photographer can plan ahead and adapt quickly to any unforeseen changes in your plans.You can place your trust in us knowing that we will have your best interest at heart. Odalys has over 9 years of experience in wedding photography, 8 of which she has been traveling to destinations outside of her residence.