• February 24, 2024

5 Tips For Choosing Baskets Filled With Fruits And Other Goodies

A fruit basket is one of those thoughtful gifts that are always appreciated and appropriate for many special occasions. They are also a healthful alternative to other basket of goodies available. Plus, there is a wide range of selections in terms of type, size, and yes, even color. To find the perfect basket of fruits for that special event, Express4Fruits recommends these tips.


1. Size Matters.

Too many fruits can spoil a good basket. A large, overflowing basket of the freshest fruits may seem like a tremendously generous idea but if you are only giving a gift to one person, he may not be able to enjoy all of the fruits before they start to spoil. Fruits do have a shelf life and while there are some that can be refrigerated to preserve their edible condition, there are also fruits that do best in room temperature. However, if they stay uneaten for a long time, they could spoil or lose their good taste and texture.


Consider how recipients you have. There are fruit baskets that are good for a single person while others – the much larger (and heavier) ones – make the perfect gift for multiple recipients. Knowing the number of recipients, you have will allow you to choose fruits that will remain fresh and palatable for a period of time.


2. Think of the Recipient’s Preferences and Favorites.

It is never a good idea to buy a fruit basket containing apricots and pomegranates if your recipient does not like them. Consider what your recipient loves, and which fruits are more likely to be eaten. Does she have a preference for soft fruits such as strawberries and raspberries or does she love fruits that are covered with hard outer cover such as pomegranates and kiwis? She may also be the kind who is partial to sour-sweet or tangy fruits.


Maybe she has an adventurous palate and loves exotic fruits. Rambutan, jackfruit, salak, pandanus, star fruit, and yes, even the pungent durian are great options. You could actually order specific fruits from shops that specialize in them. Some of these are seasonal, however, but a good fruit shop should be able to offer you plenty of options to make the perfect gift fruit basket.


3. Look for a Basket That is Packed Well.

Unless the fruits are packed while you order, you should choose a fruit basket that has sufficient air circulation to prevent too much heat or humidity. Fruits tend to be quite sensitive to temperature. When there is enough circulation within the basket, the condition of the fruit is maintained. Fruits that are tightly packed are more likely to rot faster.


Check the layout of the fruits in the basket. Other than aesthetics, it is all about proper arrangement. If hard fruits are mixed with soft fruits, for example, soft fruits must be arranged on top of the hard ones to prevent damage from crushing.


4. Give Flexibility a Chance.

Many fruit basket companies will gladly customize your basket for you, based on the occasion and on the preferences of the recipient. Ask if this option is available.


Fruit basket gifts also come in different variations. If you prefer, there are fruit baskets that come with other goodies, such as cheese, chocolate, wine, and even stuffed toys. These options give you plenty of choices when putting together the perfect gift basket.


5. Fresh is Best.

Whatever type of fruit basket you choose, Express4Fruits recommends picking only the one that has the freshest fruits. This is usually easy with a visual inspection, but your best bet is buying only from a trusted seller. The most reliable sellers understand that they are dealing with a consumable product and will do their best to ensure that you or your recipient receives only fruits that are at their best and tastiest.