• February 24, 2024

A Guide To Choosing The Right Gift

According to Hampers With Bite, gift-giving is viewed as an art form.  The gift that is chosen and even the manner in which it is presented (the design of paper, the type, whether to use ribbon or not) is looked at as being an expression of self, whether or not there is a conscious expression of this from the giver.

While some individuals find this art form easy to master, others might struggle to choose the perfect gift for a deserving recipient.  However, the secret is that it does not necessarily have to be the biggest item or the most expensive gift in the shop.

While big and expensive gifts will be welcomed, there are times when the smaller, more meaningful gifts will be most valued by the recipient.  The receiver of the gift may understand that you have put more effort and thought into the gift, and it reveals that he or she is truly known and cared about.

Therefore, whether you are trying to say ‘happy birthday’ ‘thank you,’ ‘congratulations’ or something else completely, the guide below will provide insight on giving a special person a truly meaningful gift.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Gift

Giving Gift That Serve as Problem Solvers

Among the biggest mistakes made by individuals when purchasing gifts is believing that giving more items makes people happier; this is a mistake we make when buying for others and even for ourselves.  This kind of thinking is backward since happiness does not come from adding positives. but from getting rid of negatives.

Therefore, as it relates to picking gifts, identify a problem in the life of your recipient and use your generosity to solve it.  For example, the following solutions can be used when buying for individuals with the issues outlined below:


Plan an outing or party with the recipient of the gift and his or her friends.  This could include blind taste testing, which is a favorite for many.

Fix Annoyances

If the person receiving the gift needs their knives sharpened, go ahead and get that done.  If necessary, you can buy them blinds or hire a handyman to fix up little things around his or her house, such as broken light switches, squeaky doors and leaky sinks.

Assume Responsibilities

Present them with a gift certificate that covers a few days of babysitting or pet sitting.  It should be noted that this could go wrong if the gift recipient believes you are irresponsible.

Prevent Pain

If your recipient has complained about a sore neck, consider getting him or her a session or few with a physical therapist.

Reduce Environmental Waste

Consider giving the gift of Swedish dishcloths rather than paper towels, beeswax wrap as a replacement for saran wrap, a baking mat rather than parchment paper or a water filter rather than bottled water.

Outsource Chores

Present the recipient with a gift certificate for home laundry service or home-delivered meals.

Do Not Gift Experiences Without an Attached Date

If you are gifting cooking lessons or a massage session, you should just go ahead and schedule it as well.  Even if the receiver is forced to reschedule, he or she will just have to handle that situation and not have to make a decision about the initial scheduling. This is better than having the gift certificate or gift card stay in the wallet of the recipient for months on end.

Gift Plants, Not Flowers

For many individuals, their options in gift-giving tend to be selfish, even if this was not intended.  They want the splendor of being remarkable gift-givers, so they purchase gifts that produce a maximum bedazzlement element.  Flashy flowers are an example of this.  The issue is that the flash fades and the receiver is left to deal with what remains.

To include an element of selflessness in your gift-giving, a better strategy would include picking gifts that are more practical and will last longer. For example, giving someone a plant would be a better option than gifting him or her with flowers.  There might be fewer bedazzlement points; however, the recipient will be rewarded on a more continuous basis by the gift. Research has shown that these types of longer-lasting gifts far outweigh flashy, one-time hit gifts.