Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations can be fun and exciting, or they can become nightmares. Before you start picking out new fixtures, paint, and tile, consider the steps involved in the process. You will also want to hire a reputable contractor to do the job, so you can be satisfied with the bath for years to come. Planning is an important part of any renovation. In fact, it should be the longest phase of the project.

The first step in bathroom renovations is to determine your budget. If the budget is limited, you may not be able to get all the high end fixtures and details you want. However, there are still some solid choices that can be attractive and can stand up to years of use. Think about where you want to focus on the highest quality materials and where you may be able to save a few dollars, without sacrificing durability.

Because there is so much going on in the bathroom, it helps to look at design ideas that suit your specific needs. For instance, if you want to convert a tub surround to a luxury shower, find designs that can make the best use of the space you for such a change. Moving walls, even short walls, can be costly. If this is in your plan, you will want to find out how much extra such a change will cost.

If you’re simply looking to update fixtures, toilet, sink, and the bathtub area, you should consider whether upgrades are desired. It if far less costly to add a new jetted tub or a new low flow toilet during renovations than at a later time.

If you have a special bathtub such as a claw foot and hate to get rid of it, consider having it refinished by an expert. It is still less costly than finding a new one. If you like the idea of having a tub and a shower, consider having a glass wall shower installed. It can add some luxury to the bathroom for less than an extravagantly tiled shower.

If you have a wood floor and want to keep wood in the bathroom, consider having it refinished. Painting it with a protective enamel can help maintain the look and protect the floors for years to come. If you want something other than wood but don’t think you can afford tile in a large bathroom, consider the laminate alternatives available today. They are highly durable, look great, and are easy to maintain. Some even come as wood planks to provide a hardwood floor look.

The next step is to look at several designs and choose those you think will be most functional for your family members, whether you’re the only person or a family of six. Functionality of the space should be the top consideration in the design you choose, regardless of budget. It is important to consider function when selecting the desired layout.

When you have the basic design chosen, it’s time to consider all the fixtures and the style you want. Some renovations require changing cabinets and vanities. If you look the look of your existing vanity but want a change, consider having it painted with a fresh, light paint and change the hardware.

Look for deals on new or gently used items like vessel sinks, pedestal sinks, and vanities left over from recent building projects. You can always change out the faucet and other fixtures if you don’t like the style. The same goes for bathroom cabinets and medicine cabinets. Wood cabinets can be painted and hardware can be changed. Many homeowners are surprised at how different the bathroom looks after making these simple changes.

When you have made up your mind about design, features, and the colour scheme of your bathroom, it’s time to call a reputable contractor. You need to know the length of time the project will take, including if the contractor runs into any unexpected challenges. You need an estimate and will want to know how much the contractor needs up front to get started. Never pay the full cost up front. When this happens, contractors tend to not return.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Reputable contractors will have plenty and won’t be offended if you ask. Ask to see some of the work they’ve done if possible. This will give you a good idea of what the contractor is capable of doing. Companies that specialise in bathroom renovations tend to cost more, but many will guarantee their work and will replace anything that is defective with no questions asked.