I have a soft spot for flowers. One of my favorite elements in a wedding; flowers have been used for centuries to communicate meaning and convey emotion. Pink and white roses symbolize love and purity, yellow flowers speak about friendship. In our day and age, with weddings that are less a rite of passage, and more a very personal event, flowers can be a thoughtful extension of your wedding style statement. A well designed bouquet and boutonniere can tie in your look to the theme and color scheme of your day. Reception florals such as centerpieces and hanging arrangements can bring an element of natural softness to an otherwise blank and stark reception space.

When it comes to your wedding, it makes sense to choose flowers that go with your overall style, but I’ve have found that it also works in the opposite way, flowers can tell you a lot about what kind of style you prefer. If you have just started to plan your wedding and are not sure what kind of event you want or what kind of style you favor, visit a flower market and pay attention to what makes your heart sing. Are you attracted to traditional flowers like roses? Do you like elegant flowers with clean lines, like calla lilies? Or rustic, messy, organic, spears of wild flowers? Perhaps you are like me and prefer delicate blooms with petals that feel like tissue, like peonies. Flowers can give you just a little bit of insight into your soul.

Flowers above courtesy of Virtu Floral and Event Design, and yours truly.

June 11, 2012