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Anderson | Atlanta Baby Photographer

March 21, 2012

It is amazing how in one short year, babies can grow and learn so many wonderful little things. I was in awe of Anderson whom I hadn’t seen since her newborn session. She had blossomed into the most beautiful, happy baby girl and it was so lovely to photograph her doll face and her million expressions.

Color – Atlanta Wedding Photographer

February 28, 2012

The ability to see in color, to me, is one of the greatest gifts we are given. Color can affect our moods, touch us deeply, inspire us. It reminds us of the diversity, abundance, and beauty in this world. Add a little color into your life and listen to your heart sing.


February 5, 2012

…are beautiful.

My Lovelies – Atlanta | Peachtree City | Newnan | Fayetteville Photographer

January 24, 2012

I should feel outraged about the mild temperatures around the Atlanta area recently. I think this is the mildest winter we’ve had since we moved here six years ago. Part of me is somewhat alarmed about the effects of global warming in our planet and wonders if this is proof of it, but I have to admit the guilt and worry haven’t taken hold, probably because I dread the freezing temps that Januray brings about; it makes the first three months of the year drag on forever.

Three atypical things I’ve done this month:

  • Gave myself a pedicure on my front porch, in shorts and a tank top
  • Cheerfully whistled a tune while opening my gas bill
  • Took pretty pictures like these




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Happy Monday – Peachtree City Newborn Baby Photographer

November 21, 2011

I spent my Monday morning photographing this beauty. Here is a sneak peek of her session.

ST Hair – Atlanta Photographer

September 30, 2011

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing some of the ladies of ST Hair in Newnan, featuring color and styles by Sharon Tranter and Rachel Busbee using Schartzkopf new fall line. Here are my favorites:

Click here to view more images from this fashion photo shoot.

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Heather + Kelby – Atlanta Wedding Photographer

September 20, 2011

I have to say my first impression of Heather and Kelby was not accurate. They showed up at our first meeting freshly engaged; in jeans and t-shirts, and not an ounce of make-up on Heather’s face, looking like two high school sweethearts. As the months went by and I got to know them better, I realized they may be young, but there’s a richness to their character that makes them different. They are warm and simple, and have this amazingly strong faith that brings them closer together.

Nestled in an idillic setting of sprawling fields and rolling hills, Heather and Kelby’s special day had all the charm of a country wedding. But the beautiful setting was just one of the details that made this wedding so beautiful, the entire day was infused with significant little details, family traditions that made everything that much more special. Throughout the day, you could feel the love and support that Heather and Kelby are surrounded with from their family.

Heather chose these gorgeous cowgirl boots to compliment her country wedding theme:


All the florals were to die for, thanks to Jennifer of Virtu in Senoia, who captured the rustic, country theme of the event in her flawless arrangements.
Heather and Kelby chose to see each other before the wedding, which I love because it gives the couple plenty of time to enjoy their guests without delay after the ceremony.

After a few minutes, we realized she hadn’t shown Kelby her fabulous cowgirl boots. Judging by his reaction, I say he approves :)

Heather’s adorable nephew was the ring bearer.

This stunning cake was also five different flavors. Genious!

The ceremony:

After their exit, we headed to a hilltop where Heather’s aunt had prepared a special spot to celebrate their commitment in privacy. This was Heather’s grandmother’s quilt, and it was a specially touching moment for her.



And we had an unexpected guest make an appearance toward the end :)

Click on this link to view their slideshow. Or view it here:

Wedding Planner: Melissa Turner

Caterer: Tulla White

Flowers: Virtu

Cake: Cutie Pies


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Sisterly Love – Atlanta GA Wedding Photographer

September 12, 2011

She once put a rotten banana on my chair, so I would splatter it all over my pants when I sat down to dinner. We would fight about who looked prettier in dresses; she’d never trust me to do her hair because I would make a knotty mess out of it, and I would hide her toys to make her miserable. Dad used to tell us to get along, because when he and mom weren’t around anymore, the only true family we’d have left would be one another.

As adults, my sister is one of the greatest blessings in my life. She is my closest friend and my girls adore her. So when I found out our second baby would be another girl, I was thrilled, I wanted them to have each other like my sister and I have each other. Exactly five and a half years apart, just like us, my girls can fight like it’s the coolest thing since ice-cream. They pull each other’s hair and scream at each other in frustration, they can even be mean when the other gets hurt and laugh instead of showing compassion (only sometimes). But I have also heard the most beautiful words spoken between them and seen unexpected acts of kindness shared. This weekend we were taking some shots and I got the most amazing display of sisterly affection. I may just print a couple and hold them up like peace flags in the middle of their next argument.

Click here to see the full slideshow.

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A Girl After My Own Heart – Newnan Baby Photographer

September 9, 2011

It fascinates me to watch a baby’s facial expressions and see them discover the world, one inch at a time. I wish I had a way to magically hear their thoughts as they see something colorful for the first time, study a face, or try to articulate their first sounds.

B is my God-daughter and my constant photography model. It melts my heart to capture every stage of her life and I particularly love the stage of six months of age, when they giggle, and “talk” to you, and reach for your face with adoration. It’s one of the happiest phases in a baby’s growth.

Here is sweet baby B



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September 11th – Atlanta Wedding Photographer

September 8, 2011

I remember every single detail of my day on September 11th, 2001. It is a day that I never want to relive. That is why as the date approaches this year; I can’t help but cringe at the advertisements on TV and radio announcing special programs recounting the events. The grief and tragedy is so deep I simply can’t afford to re-experience it.

I am married to a former U.S. Marine whom I admire deeply for his loyalty to the United States and his willingness to defend it.

When it comes to the politics surrounding September 11 and its aftermath, we don’t see eye to eye, and that’s ok. He is a man of great character, who would do anything for what he believes in; I am an idealist and I constantly try to be a woman of faith.

I have faith that we can evolve. I know that we can evolve.

As you are exposed to the atrocities of September 11th over the next few days, and perhaps you feel the grasp of anger, hatred, and sadness smothering you all over again; please do not lose sight of what God ultimately asks of us: to love, respect, and forgive each other.

If you don’t believe in God, that’s ok, just think of the impact that letting go of the pollution in your heart could have on you, and on humanity. Think of the possibilities.

And if those reasons are not good enough, here’s mine: