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July 13, 2010

I am about to be a total sap :)

When I was little, my younger sister and I used to fight, A LOT. I remember biting her once in a physical fight, and in revenge, she put a banana on my chair so I would squish it and get it all over my behind when I sat down to dinner.

My parent’s response to our constant mischief was “Some day we won’t be around any more, you have to learn to love each other because all you’ll have is your sister”. Luckily, my parents are still around, and will be for a while, and my sister and I got past our childish differences and became the very best friends.

When found out my second child would be a girl, it was bittersweet. I always wondered what it would be like to have a boy, but I also wanted my oldest daughter to have what I have in my sister. That amazing unconditional love that is so so rare to find.

Now that my youngest girl is two, I feel like I am walking in my mother’s shoes. They fight like crazy, snatch things from each other’s hands, compete for my attention and make each other cry ALL THE TIME. I find myself telling them often; “You need to love each other, because daddy and I won’t be around forever, and your sister is all you’ll have”. Yet, it is moments like this that make my heart smile. I know they ADORE each other, and I can just hope my wish will come true, that as I do, they will have a sister, partner in crime, and best friend in one another.

I warned you about the sappiness……this is what’s going on at my house tonight :)

Showing me her nails… she calls them snails, how cute is that!

July 11, 2010

The last day of my stepdaughter’s visits to our home is never a great day. Emotions are running wild. No matter how long we have been doing this (11 years?), we don’t seem to get used to saying goodbye. Everyone walks around the house in a sulky mood the day of departure and few thereafter.

I tried to lighten up the mood today by taking a few last minute shots of my three girls together. It’s been so busy that I actually didn’t have any photos of the three of them, and my youngest is two, so that’s a little embarrassing. We shared some laughs, and got pretty snapshots of their sweet faces.

To our fifteen year old: we love you, miss you already, and can’t wait for your next visit.

July 10, 2010

When I decided to pursue photography as a career, I never thought it would involve wearing so many hats.

Hi, I am Odalys , and since I have begun on this photography journey I am also part-time web designer, webmaster, SEO expert wanna-be, and personal stylist. This last one may come as a surprise to you as jeans and a t-shirt is my assemble of choice when doing a photo shoot (it is just a tad tricky to run after a three year old in a minidress and high heels)

One of the questions I get asked the most is what to wear on photo sessions. Custom photography is an investment, and choosing the right outfit can have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of your photographs, so I try to help my clients as much as possible on selecting the right attire for their session. Because I have a lot of engagement sessions coming up, I want to concentrate on adult clothing, particularly girls. Stay tuned for a special post just for guys!!! :)

Here is two examples of great engagement shoot ensembles that I pulled together for two completely different kind of girls. All clothing, accessories, and shoes are from http://www.anthropologie.com but can be re-created in any local store and budget.

Rule #1, choose clothes who reflect who you are, and make you feel stunning! If you are not a dress and high heels kind of girl, don’t force yourself into that style. Casual can be done right so you still look polished. If your heart beats faster at the opportunity to dress-up, by all means, bust out the stilettos and evening-wear. Wearing what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful will only bring out your best in front of the camera, and produce more natural shots.

Rule #2, Think visual texture. Mix items of clothing that are made of fabrics that contrast in texture and pattern. A great example of this is a denim pencil skirt with a silk floral blouse and wooden platform shoes; all different textures and perfect for summer. Don’t be afraid of bright colors and even mixing and matching patterns. They make for really happy, fun photographs.

Rule #3 Don’t forget the accessories. The right bangle bracelet or chunky necklace can pull together an outfit. A vibrant scarf can spark up a simple tee.

Matching his and hers outfits, seriously.
Beach flip flops

Remember that styling your engagement session is my pleasure as a custom photographer; I am happy to dress you from head to toe the day of our meeting if you wish.

What about the guys? ……. stay posted :)



July 7, 2010

Meet my stepdaughter. As teens go, she is a pretty easy one. No storming off into her room, slamming the door, and blasting music when we disagree. The only signs of shady behavior is the silly stuff we do when we get together (yes, me included). We can get pretty giggly, especially when we do a photo session like this.

Her fifteenth birthday is approaching fast so it was time for an update. I have been photographing this girl since she was four, and it amazes me what a great woman she’s growing into. Here’s my lovely, quirky, beautiful stepdaughter.

July 5, 2010

I met Jaxson today at a local park for a photo session with his parents. He was the official winner of the Sweet-Face Kiddie contest we hosted last month.

Jaxson is dynamite! He kept his parents and I on the go the entire session, which made for some really fun, action-filled shots! Thank you guys for letting me take your photos today. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Sweet baby face….

A sweet family moment…

July 1, 2010

As I launch this sneak peek into the cyber-world, I am filled with emotions. Pride, joy, amazement….

These two are closely related to me and I couldn’t be luckier to have them in my life. They arrived in this country three years ago, without knowing a word of English. Despite that fact, she is a straight-A student, at the top of her class, and him; well, just look at that face, he is a heartthrob waiting to happen. These two were full of pizazz and mischief at our photo session. We kept going way after the sun was down, and we even got kicked out of a golf course. Ooops.

Because ALL the images from this session are my absolute favorite, I have displayed them all in the “featured session” of my main website. Please follow the link:  http://www.odmphotography.com/#/page/76e5/featured-session/

And I will share this one shot to peek your interest.

Much love….

June 30, 2010

When I was in Miami last week I did a mini-session with this gorgeous family who is MY family :) Mom is one of my dearest friends and I have seen these girls grow from almost toddlers into beautiful, smart, down-to-earth women I and I just adore them.

Isn’t my friend a knockout? :)

Pretty girl who’s pretty smart… and was a good sport in spite of being sick.

This one is obsessed with peacock earrings:

And just for fun…

June 30, 2010

I have known these two kiddos for a while because their mom is a good friend. I hadn’t seen them in what seems like forever and was amazed to see how much they have grown. They are very energetic and certainly kept me on my toes. Here is a sneak peek of our session.

A tender moment…

I love the intense look on the younger one’s face… priceless

June 27, 2010

Brittany and Matt are the cutest couple! It is so easy to see how much they adore each other. It was hard to find a few shots where Matt’s actually looking at the camera; this man does not take his eyes off his sweetheart, or his hands for that matter. And who can blame him; Brittany is stunning! :)

Thank you guys for letting me document this special time in your lives, and I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next year! Here is your sneak peek:


June 26, 2010

This five year old chose the location of her photo session. She lives in Miami, and the beach is her favorite place to be, I am sure she is there at least every other weekend, yet when we arrived, it was like it was her first time seeing the ocean. Shouldn’t we all have a little bit of that joie de vivre?

Here is a sneak peek of this fun session…