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July 1, 2010

As I launch this sneak peek into the cyber-world, I am filled with emotions. Pride, joy, amazement….

These two are closely related to me and I couldn’t be luckier to have them in my life. They arrived in this country three years ago, without knowing a word of English. Despite that fact, she is a straight-A student, at the top of her class, and him; well, just look at that face, he is a heartthrob waiting to happen. These two were full of pizazz and mischief at our photo session. We kept going way after the sun was down, and we even got kicked out of a golf course. Ooops.

Because ALL the images from this session are my absolute favorite, I have displayed them all in the “featured session” of my main website. Please follow the link:  http://www.odmphotography.com/#/page/76e5/featured-session/

And I will share this one shot to peek your interest.

Much love….

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