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Something that I truly love about being a wedding photographer is when a fabulous publication, print or online, features my images on their magazine or blog. Let’s face it, we photographers work pretty hard and under a lot of pressure. We get to know our clients, take their style, vision, and personality and put them together to create the best imagery possible of their wedding day. Our job is not only to capture beauty but also convey feelings and emotions, and capture every crucial moment of the most important day in a couple’s life. It’s a lot of pressure, and it is accomplished in a very small window of time all while looking perfectly poised.

After the sweat and hustle, and yes, the joy that comes from photographing a wedding, having your images recognized by other creatives is nice. In addition, brides and grooms get to share their style and a little piece of their life with other couples who are going through the same journey. After the effort they put into making their wedding a personal and stylish event, it’s rewarding to see their soiree published by experts in the industry.

But what I love most about seeing my photos featured is being part of that huge pool of inspiration and talent in the wedding industry. We are surrounded by beauty every day and it comes to us in all forms. Knowing that I’m contributing just a little to that giant wheel of creation feeds my soul.

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May 17, 2012