When I first started my business as a florida destination wedding photography professional, I wanted to create a different experience for the bride and groom. I remember my own florida destination wedding photography experience with a mix of joy and resentment. While I was happy to be married to the love of my life, and eager to start our new journey together, our wedding photographer was an older guy with a camera who believed in all the traditional ways of wedding photography. There was a big flash and the typical photos of the couple smiling falsely and looking at the camera. I knew nothing of this man who was capturing us at our happiest. This was supposed to be a pivotal day of our lives, yet, I felt completely disconnected from this florida destination wedding photography “expert” who would create all the memories we had of our special day. In the end, I received a number of portraits of my husband and I. They were acceptable, but stale. I had studied photography in college and I vowed to make this experience different for my clients. After all, there’s already so much beauty, emotion, and depth in a wedding day. Two people are joined forever in an union that is older than time itself. I wanted to create something that was meaningful and really embodied what that commitment is. So having only done some black and white street and travel photography with my photography education from college, I set out to experience what was to be my first wedding experience. My first clients were a sweet couple who were looking for a florida destination wedding photographer. The bride worked with my husband and I told her that I had no real wedding experience. She accepted. I went into this day with the goal on focusing only on the people and not on a list of expected photographs I was supposed to obtain. She had no expectations of my florida destination wedding photography experience.The result was the most exhilarating and beautiful body of work I had seen in my life. The bride sitting on the groom’s lap, and sharing a passionate kiss inside a quiet, secluded gazebo. The groom’s beautiful blue eyes filled with love for his new spouse. The photographs were true and raw, and I fell in love with the genre instantly, knowing that my life would never be the same.