georgia destination wedding photographer odalys mendez


Even when I was growing up, in my early days as a young girl, I had a knack for collecting views. At first thought, this might sound like landscapes, moments in nature, or land views in general, but what I refer to here is snapshots of beauty found in common places. Sometimes it’s the curve in a feminine figure, or a juxtaposition of colors in an ordinary object, or simply the way pages fade and fray at the edges in an old book. Noticing and relishing these tiny lapses of what makes humanity beautiful has been a cherished part of my life. When I first discovered photography I found a way to preserve those little moments in a tangible manner, to extend their life and offer a small glimpse at eternity, at permanency, through an image captured on photographic paper. Being a georgia destination wedding photographer, I have the opportunity to offer this for my clients. Being behind a camera, I carefully watch for those glimpses, those fleeting moments of sanctified beauty that are offered to us on a daily basis. A wedding day is one of the most sacred days in a man and woman’s life, and as a georgia destination wedding photographer, I feel privileged to be in the presence of such beauty. odalys mendez