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July 13, 2010

I am about to be a total sap :)

When I was little, my younger sister and I used to fight, A LOT. I remember biting her once in a physical fight, and in revenge, she put a banana on my chair so I would squish it and get it all over my behind when I sat down to dinner.

My parent’s response to our constant mischief was “Some day we won’t be around any more, you have to learn to love each other because all you’ll have is your sister”. Luckily, my parents are still around, and will be for a while, and my sister and I got past our childish differences and became the very best friends.

When found out my second child would be a girl, it was bittersweet. I always wondered what it would be like to have a boy, but I also wanted my oldest daughter to have what I have in my sister. That amazing unconditional love that is so so rare to find.

Now that my youngest girl is two, I feel like I am walking in my mother’s shoes. They fight like crazy, snatch things from each other’s hands, compete for my attention and make each other cry ALL THE TIME. I find myself telling them often; “You need to love each other, because daddy and I won’t be around forever, and your sister is all you’ll have”. Yet, it is moments like this that make my heart smile. I know they ADORE each other, and I can just hope my wish will come true, that as I do, they will have a sister, partner in crime, and best friend in one another.

I warned you about the sappiness……this is what’s going on at my house tonight :)

Showing me her nails… she calls them snails, how cute is that!

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