• February 24, 2024

Home Glass Repair Should Not Be A DIY Project

According to Glass Express, DIY window repair or replacement can seem like an easy project for individuals who are naturally handy and those who have previously managed home renovation projects on their own.  However, in the majority of cases, replacing or repairing window glass is not a task to tackle on your own.  Below are some of the reasons for this:

DIY Home Glass Repair Can Be Dangerous

Research has revealed that many individuals end up suffering injuries while working on DIY glass repair projects. Even replacing or installing windows can become a dangerous DYI task, particularly if it is something you have never done before. You could get injured if a glass window falls and shatters.

It Could Turn Into a Huge Mess

Removing and replacing windows involves several steps that need to be taken to swiftly get done and get rid of the mess around the home.  Additionally, having a hole in the home where the previous window was mounted could allow dust, debris, pests, insects, and all types of pollutants to come into the home.  However, experts can quickly get the job done and clear the mess.

Underlying Unforeseen Issues

The average homeowner does not have enough experience to identify and resolve window-related issues.  There could be pre-existing problems that are not obvious until the windows are removed.  Issues with the frame, drywall or insulation could require more in-depth work than you expected.

Serious Errors Can Be Made

DIY is also not recommended for window repair or replacement because the chances of making mistakes are tremendously high. These inaccuracies could ultimately end up costing you more than hiring an expert.  For example, mold and moisture could easily accumulate on the window if it is not installed properly.  The window may also look unattractive.

Slower Progress

Whether using a YouTube tutorial or an instruction manual, DIY tasks take up a lot of time.  Not having the appropriate equipment could make the project last for weeks.  However, a team of certified and experienced installers can usually complete a window replacement project in a day.

Limited Materials

Professional window companies offer customized replacement windows in a range of colors, styles and materials.  Unfortunately, DIY developments will not be able to participate in the tailored selection process, leaving a limited scope of materials from which to choose.

Waste of Money and Time

Money and time are two vital factors in the equation.  Window replacement can cost you a lot and take a lot of time, particularly if you make errors.  You will first have to invest time in finding the correct windows and getting all of the materials required for installation.  An expert will be able to assist you in figuring out the right kind of windows based on what is required and have them installed correctly. This will save money and time.

Errors in Measurement

Replacement windows are usually custom-sized to specific dimensions; therefore, getting the correct measurements is tremendously vital.  In most cases, the window cannot be returned once it is bought, so it must be correctly measured the first time to prevent spending unnecessary money.

Poor or Inadequate Installation

Without insulation, the frame and the trim correctly in place, the possibility of leaks, gaps, and rotting could transform the DIY project into a lot bigger and more costly reparation project.  To prevent the likelihood of something going awry, working with a team of experienced service professionals is highly recommended to ensure correct installation for optimal performance.

Higher Utility Bills

Improper sealing of your DIY window replacements could cause heat to escape without it even being noticed.  Unfortunately, the inability of your windows to retain internal temperatures will result in a spike in the overall energy expenses of your property.

No Guarantee/Warranty

Projects replacing windows are viewed as an investment.  Prior to thinking about saving some money and undertaking the work, think about a situation a few years from now if something goes awry with the windows.  This will place you on the verge of ultimately spending more on repairs and maintenance.  However, getting your window replacement done by experts will offer you a warranty or guarantee that if anything goes awry in future, coverage is there for the windows.