miami engagement session photographer


This photo holds special significance to me. When I first met Carolina and Zach, they were searching for a wedding photographer that would create something special that they would treasure for many years to come. Carolina is a multi-cultural woman, and her heritage is reflected in her personality. She has a sparking demeanor that envelops everyone around her with the most positive aura. Zach is the quiet type, not a man of many words, but pleasant, and his love for her is evident in their body language and those knowing looks they share even when they are in the midst of a crowd of people.

This photo is perfectly who they are. Carolina, leading the way, living life to its fullest in her vibrant red dress, while Zach holds on for the adventure. Their happiness as they tale the next steps together into their new lives, is just shining on their expressions.

This is a photo that captures them perfectly, as they are.

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miami engagement session photographer

August 12, 2015