A princess is born


There are few events in life as wonderful and complete as bringing a child into this world. We get married, give up our selfish ways, making room in our heart to share our life with that special person, but having a child with your better half is truly awe- worthy. We know how it works from a reproductive, genetic perspective, yet, when it happens it takes the form of a miracle, something inexplicable; it leaves us speechless. Seeing a little human being grow from what seems like nothing, a miniscule cluster of cells, is as close as we get to God while we are here on this planet.

I was priviledged to photograph Ellie in the arms of her adoring parents; the love that emanates from them toward their little princess is so palpable in their home and these images. I like to photograph newborn babies as naturally as possible and surrounded by those who love them. Babies are beautiful, and although I can get lost in snapping photo after photo of their adorable faces, it is the images of them snuggled in their parent’s arms that I treasure the most. Those are the ones that will stand out years down the road when they look through their baby album, perhaps while hearing the story of how they were born, and they’ll have a glimpse into the devotion and selflessness they inspired in their parents, and know they were loved.

May 22, 2012