September 11th – Atlanta Wedding Photographer

September 8, 2011

I remember every single detail of my day on September 11th, 2001. It is a day that I never want to relive. That is why as the date approaches this year; I can’t help but cringe at the advertisements on TV and radio announcing special programs recounting the events. The grief and tragedy is so deep I simply can’t afford to re-experience it.

I am married to a former U.S. Marine whom I admire deeply for his loyalty to the United States and his willingness to defend it.

When it comes to the politics surrounding September 11 and its aftermath, we don’t see eye to eye, and that’s ok. He is a man of great character, who would do anything for what he believes in; I am an idealist and I constantly try to be a woman of faith.

I have faith that we can evolve. I know that we can evolve.

As you are exposed to the atrocities of September 11th over the next few days, and perhaps you feel the grasp of anger, hatred, and sadness smothering you all over again; please do not lose sight of what God ultimately asks of us: to love, respect, and forgive each other.

If you don’t believe in God, that’s ok, just think of the impact that letting go of the pollution in your heart could have on you, and on humanity. Think of the possibilities.

And if those reasons are not good enough, here’s mine:

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