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September 12, 2011

She once put a rotten banana on my chair, so I would splatter it all over my pants when I sat down to dinner. We would fight about who looked prettier in dresses; she’d never trust me to do her hair because I would make a knotty mess out of it, and I would hide her toys to make her miserable. Dad used to tell us to get along, because when he and mom weren’t around anymore, the only true family we’d have left would be one another.

As adults, my sister is one of the greatest blessings in my life. She is my closest friend and my girls adore her. So when I found out our second baby would be another girl, I was thrilled, I wanted them to have each other like my sister and I have each other. Exactly five and a half years apart, just like us, my girls can fight like it’s the coolest thing since ice-cream. They pull each other’s hair and scream at each other in frustration, they can even be mean when the other gets hurt and laugh instead of showing compassion (only sometimes). But I have also heard the most beautiful words spoken between them and seen unexpected acts of kindness shared. This weekend we were taking some shots and I got the most amazing display of sisterly affection. I may just print a couple and hold them up like peace flags in the middle of their next argument.

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