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July 10, 2010

When I decided to pursue photography as a career, I never thought it would involve wearing so many hats.

Hi, I am Odalys , and since I have begun on this photography journey I am also part-time web designer, webmaster, SEO expert wanna-be, and personal stylist. This last one may come as a surprise to you as jeans and a t-shirt is my assemble of choice when doing a photo shoot (it is just a tad tricky to run after a three year old in a minidress and high heels)

One of the questions I get asked the most is what to wear on photo sessions. Custom photography is an investment, and choosing the right outfit can have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of your photographs, so I try to help my clients as much as possible on selecting the right attire for their session. Because I have a lot of engagement sessions coming up, I want to concentrate on adult clothing, particularly girls. Stay tuned for a special post just for guys!!! :)

Here is two examples of great engagement shoot ensembles that I pulled together for two completely different kind of girls. All clothing, accessories, and shoes are from http://www.anthropologie.com but can be re-created in any local store and budget.

Rule #1, choose clothes who reflect who you are, and make you feel stunning! If you are not a dress and high heels kind of girl, don’t force yourself into that style. Casual can be done right so you still look polished. If your heart beats faster at the opportunity to dress-up, by all means, bust out the stilettos and evening-wear. Wearing what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful will only bring out your best in front of the camera, and produce more natural shots.

Rule #2, Think visual texture. Mix items of clothing that are made of fabrics that contrast in texture and pattern. A great example of this is a denim pencil skirt with a silk floral blouse and wooden platform shoes; all different textures and perfect for summer. Don’t be afraid of bright colors and even mixing and matching patterns. They make for really happy, fun photographs.

Rule #3 Don’t forget the accessories. The right bangle bracelet or chunky necklace can pull together an outfit. A vibrant scarf can spark up a simple tee.

Matching his and hers outfits, seriously.
Beach flip flops

Remember that styling your engagement session is my pleasure as a custom photographer; I am happy to dress you from head to toe the day of our meeting if you wish.

What about the guys? ……. stay posted :)