Wedding Photos with Dogs

miami wedding dog photo

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing several weddings of proud pet owners who could not go through such an important day without having their mascots present. Yet, when planning your wedding day, knowing how to incorporate them smoothly into the wedding day can be tricky.¬†Photographing these special family members always brings a smile to my face, especially when they are elegantly decked in formal attire, such as Oglethorpe’s gray bow tie in this photo, to match the groom’s suit. A quick search on the internet for wedding photos with dogs delivers a myriad of ways these beloved members of the family can be decked out for such a special occasion.

Oglethorpe was an extremely well behaved member of the wedding party at this Southern garden wedding, and he didn’t mind posing for a few glamour shots with the bride and groom.

Please hop on over to Southern Living’s blog today for an interview with my dear friend and wedding planner extraordinare Sarah Chancey, who gives us insight on how to incorporate our furry babies into a perfect wedding day.

September 9, 2015