Of all of the available miami wedding photographers, Odalys Mendez is the wisest choice. Odalys has over nine years of experience photographing only weddings. Of these nine years, eight have been spent on destination weddings in the United States and across the globe. Odalys is a miami wedding photographers
combines her experience with a deep passion for serving her clients. She is an artist who is approachable and warm towards her clients. She is known in the wedding industry for putting everyone at ease and helping them feel comfortable in front of the camera lens. Odalys has extensive training in photography and she brings knowledge from many field into her art. She has a love for landscape photography that is evident in her photos, as she loves incorporating the venue details into the grouping of photos she delivers to her clients. Fashion photography has also had a deep influence in  her work as many other miami destination wedding photographers. She knows just how to make a woman look her most attractive. Journalism is another area of photography she employs often. She allows moments to unfold naturally and driving deep into the soul of what brides and grooms are feeling at a specific point in time. In short, if you are looking amongst the top miami destination wedding photographers that are available, you will find that Odalys offers a timeless, beautiful product that you will trasure for many years to come. Please call us or email us today so we can discuss your plans for the most important day of your life.