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Engagement season is right around the corner! There’s something in the Fall air that makes couples come closer, and men pop the question. Maybe it’s the spirit of a season of giving, or the aura of celebration with family and friends as the holidays get closer. A token of love and commitment appeals to my hopelessly romantic side.

In my years photographing weddings I have seen countless of beautiful rings of all styles, and I wanted to share my favorites with you. I like them all, each one has its own beautiful personality and suited the bride perfectly, and that’s what makes them special and unique. Here are my favorite rings:

I love the clean, simple lines of this radiant cut solitaire engagement ring:

radiant cut diamond engagement ring

Then there’s this delicate asscher cut surrounded by a halo of pink diamonds:

asscher cut in pink halo ring

This gorgeous vintage marquise ring in a halo belonged to the groom’s grandmother:

antique marquise ring

I have a soft spot for old cut stones, they usually have a large culet, which is a blunt cut in what’s the bottom point of a diamond. This cut exhibits the most beautiful flowery patterns, reflecting the circular culet pattern in all the facets of the diamond:

old cut vintage diamond engagement ring

And I adore this delicate wedding band. It’s so very intricate and light, looking like a dainty crown of lace:

delicate vintage engagement ring

Which one is  your favorite?

September 22, 2015

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